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FUMC Burleson

590 NE McAlister Road
Burleson, Texas 76028

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  • Saturdays 6 PM Family Style
  • Sundays 9 AM Traditional Worship

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Saturday, January 23, 2021

A live stream broadcast of our 6pm Family Style Worship service is available during worship here.


Current Worship Series

Plain Truth Banner

“I design plain truth for plain people …”

- John Wesley, Preface to Sermons on Several Occasions, Volume 1

Wesley’s favorite Biblical text to preach from is Matthew’s Sermon on the Mount, what’s been considered in church history to be a defining ethical text for Christian living. Some of the greatest directions for the Christian life are contained there, but what’s often overlooked is its partner sermon over in the Gospel of Luke, known as the Sermon on the Plain.

The points made in these different settings are similar … but in true gospel fashion they are a bit different from one another.  The sermon we find in the Gospel of Luke, Jesus having come down from the mountain and preaching among the people, is often more direct.  More pointed.  More plain.

For the next three weeks, we’ll be studying together these direct commands from Jesus, his expectations on how his followers will do life in the world.

That we are to uplift the poor.

That we are to share in what we have.

That we are to love all people.

That we are to judge no one.

That we are to build our foundations in God alone.

With God’s help, the disciples of Jesus today can reclaim our ancient purpose, these wise directions of Jesus, if we can stop and listen!


About Family Style Worship

Family Style is a casual worship community for families of all shapes and sizes who want to know and share the love of Jesus. We are people of all ages in various stages of our Christian walk meeting together every Saturday evening at First United Methodist Church of Burleson. At Family Style everyone has a place at the table.

The first church, the one from the Book of Acts, grew in faith by learning, worshiping, praying, and eating together. Although we currently cannot physically gather together around open tables due to COVID-19, we look forward to the future when we will do so again. Worship begins at 6 P.M. each Saturday night, and children of all ages are welcome in worship!


FUMC Burleson

590 NE McAlister Road
Burleson, Texas 76028

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